How can I improve focus and concentration with ADHD?

imple ways to boost focus and concentration with ADHD

How can I improve focus and concentration with ADHD?

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a neurodivergent condition, which means that the neurological condition of the person differs from what is considered normal, i.e., neurotypical. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 5–8% of children around the world suffer from this condition. The WHO also recognizes it as a hyperkinetic disorder, i.e., excess movements in children driven by a neurological condition. 

Understanding ADHD and its symptoms

The symptoms of ADHD differ throughout a person’s lifetime. Normally, these symptoms appear by the age of 12. They can be mild, moderate or severe. The diagnosis of ADHD consists of an elaborate examination of all the behaviour patterns of the child.  Modaheal


The inability to stay still, excessive fidgeting, and an overabundance of energy as if a child were being driven by a motor are some of the symptoms. They tend to run around in unusual places and cannot perform passive activities quietly.


Due to impulsiveness, the child tends to act without thinking. They have difficulty waiting for things patiently and blurting out comments thoughtlessly.


This refers to the inability to focus on the task at hand. These children are easily distracted, cannot grasp concepts easily, cannot finish their work comfortably, and are in general disorganized.

Strategies for improving focus and concentration

The professional treatment of ADHD consists of alleviating its symptoms. Additionally, there are certain behavioral habits that improve the daily functioning of such patients. To improve focus and concentration, follow the tips given below:

Use organizing tools

These include digital tools like alarms, diaries, calendar prompts, etc. There are also specialized mobile applications available nowadays to stay focused on a single task. These can also be physical tools, like a to-do list, whiteboards, desk organizers, etc.

Simplify tasks

One of the main challenges with this disorder is that people tend to get overwhelmed by difficult tasks. It will be much easier and less burdensome to break bigger and more complicated tasks into smaller ones. Simpler tasks are much easier to focus on.

Create a perfect working environment

Make sure that the place you are working has minimal distractions. You can organize your assignments as per your convenience in this space.

Do not procrastinate

Set up a work schedule for yourself and stick to it. If you keep postponing your duties until the end, it will make you anxious to finally take care of the job. This will also help you while sectioning off difficult tasks.

Have a variety while working

Having a monotonous schedule will easily distract your brain. While organizing the tasks, make sure to have different types of tasks lined up after each other. 

Techniques for managing distractions

One of the best way to concentrate on the task at hand is to minimize distractions. Use the tips given below to manage any distractions:

  • Have a dedicated room or space solely for work. In fact, it will be better if there is specific space for specific activities.
  • A minimalist room design is always a better choice.
  • Do not have any unnecessary clutter lying around. 
  • When working or sleeping, keep your phone on silent and keep away from any types of unnecessary screen use.
  • Have some relaxing activities handy, like doodling or a stress ball.
  • While sleeping, make sure to have some white noise in the background.


ADHD is a condition that interferes with daily activities. Although it is difficult to function with it, there are always small things you can do to make your life easier. In this blog, we explored some simple ways to improve focus and attention. With some behavioural changes and medical supervision, you can easily navigate your way through ADHD.

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