Ways to enhance your Emotional well being

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Ways to enhance your Emotional well being

These days mental health is just not taken seriously…. I mean why?

Is it so easy to conclude that a mental state of a person will not cause a person to lose his life? 

Why only physical damage to a person seems to be so serious and mental damage taken for granted? 

We look at mental alertness and understand what mental alertness is and why it is so important for productivity levels. We clearly look after all the methods to keep our mental health balanced and also keep our brains productive enough. The ability to focus on the job at hand, take in information quickly, and respond appropriately to unforeseen circumstances is a hallmark of being mentally awake. Staying mentally alert is crucial for productivity levels, especially on the job, because it involves thinking, capability, awareness, perception, and imagination.

All the methods mentioned in this article will help you to improve your mental status. This article will help you to stay at the top of your game throughout the day. They are simple enough to add to the routine and lifestyle changes and these methods ensure that your brain stays active and healthy enough to function properly. 

First of all, let us go through the idea of mental health….

What is mental health?

Our mind is one of the most powerful tools that inspire you to acquire your full potential. Mental alertness also refers to being watchful and always prompt to react to danger. Hence, it is very much critical to engage your mind in challenging activities and to learn how to increase alertness. It just basically means and refers to a situation where you are mentally alert and aware of your surroundings. However, these surroundings around us play an important role in decision-making and everyday activities. 

Mental alertness is a situation and the ability to quickly perceive a situation and act fast about it. The brain is one of the most important organs that we need to take care of. It totally relates to reasoning, capability, awareness, perception, and imagination and holds the ability to notice changes in the body’s system. By exercising your mind daily and keeping yourself mentally aware, you are able to not only focus and concentrate on hard work but also swiftly react to situations that do not seem to be right.

Mental fatigue is something that will immediately bring your productivity down. It will take a major toll on your work life. A study reported that almost 15 of employees who were between the age of 15-75 have almost complained about mental fatigue. While you keep your mind alert all the time, you not only increase your productivity level but will also help you to get connected to the outside world and also build good connections. 

Want to be the sharpest version of yourself?? Then let’s have a look at the solutions and the methods which can improve mental alertness. 

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The proven methods to improve mental alertness 

Many things may always have a significant impact on mental health, according to a study. The effects of aging, physical exhaustion, physical weakness, and other limitations must be taken into account. 

These methods actually help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. They include: 

Eat a balanced diet

Providing your brain with the right nutrients is the key to keeping your brain in the pink of health. What you eat on a day-to-day basis really matters a lot. If you overeat and fill in junk, can also lead to some mental dormancy. Even if you diet and eat little with no proper and healthy nutrients in it, can also lead to mental dormancy. So to have a  proper amount of balanced diet is very much important. 

Making sure that you eat all healthy nutrients and foods which are rich in vitamins, proteins, healthy fats, and minerals that want your body to go on and your mind in a very good condition is all that you need to be laser focussed. Maintaining consistent calorie intake has been shown to improve mood and energy levels as well as cognitive function. 

Dry fruits and nuts have a wealth of nutrients that are beneficial to brain function. They may be found at any grocery store with relative ease. Nuts and seeds, such as almonds, walnuts, and cashews, are excellent sources of protein and magnesium, which can help restore your body and spirit. 

Adding coffee to your diet can also make you feel good and have an effect on mental alertness. As coffee has more amount of antioxidants in it, it is very much easy to fit into your routine and keep you way active. Another way to improve the cognitive levels in your brain is to always stay hydrated. Having enough amount of liquids of water can always keep your brain full of energy levels. 

Dehydration can always cause mental fatigue, tiredness, and brain fog and therefore ensuring that you consume enough of a drink is of utmost importance. 

Procuring enough amount of sleep

Exhausting your body for a too long time and not taking proper rest can always hamper you mentally. Taking a proper good night’s sleep will always help you have a better mental state. Make sure you have proper 7 hours of sleep each night which is a key to improving your mental alertness. 

Without enough sleep, and adequate brain fog, you may always struggle with fatigue and head throbbing throughout the day which can make you less productive and also increase your stress levels. Lack of sleep always will cause a panic attack to you and shoot up your anxiety levels. 

Adults should always have a proper sleep pattern. You should always prefer sleep over anything no matter what stops you from having a good sleep. Having enough sleep means your memory becomes sharper, your mind becomes clearer and your decisions become smarter. 

Take essential breaks

When you are very much bombarded with heavy projects and you are continuously working on them, all you need is a break. An essential break where you feel that if you extend your working time for even 0.1 second more, you might lose your sanity and be completely drained off. The minute you feel you have worked enough for half of the day and you need a short break, you must listen to your brain and not push your limits. This can extremely harm your brain’s cognition.

To just cease all this, you need to take a moment away from your desk, for around 10-20 minutes to step outside, walk around for some time, and even stretch yourself or meditate so that your mind is clear enough and with a fresh mind you can restart your work which was left pending. In the midst of this break, it is also important to pop in any snack that you like which can boost your brain. 

Give your brain all the extra energy that it requires by eating some extra proteins.

Practice yoga and meditation 

Yoga actually releases endorphins which can increase the blood flow to the brain and always help create a positive feeling. All this can reduce stress and keep you mentally alert. Meditation and all the breathing activities impact the nerves that are mostly tied to the arousal center in the brain. It can increase the attention span and age-related mental decline.

Challenge your brain

Challenging your brain doesn’t always need to be hardcore skyrocketing but solving a crossword puzzle or another strategy game just like Sudoku. This can help your mind to be focused and sharp. When you have frequent mental stimulation, it gives your brain a workout to help it stay active for as long as possible. You always should have the excitement to learn something new so that your brain is stimulated well. You can also attempt to learn any instrument. Being able to read music can exercise the brain and being able to bang on a drum kit can release frustration associated with a high amount of stress level. 

Listen to music

Listening to music can always brighten your mood. It can always stimulate memories and increase your stability to focus for longer periods. Music can always enhance your memory. In short, music can always keep you awake.

Eliminate distraction

We always tend to give prior importance to all the worldly distractions which are not even important in our daily lives. We altogether waste our time thinking about it and diminish our productivity. There can be multiple distractions in your work life that disrupt your focus and concentration. By minimizing these distractions, you could always cause a positive influx in your brain. This can stimulate brain cells and improve mental alertness. 

External distractions are like someone speaking out loudly among your colleagues or even a Tv playing out loud in the background. Internal distractions like anxiety cant be tackled easily but if you are strong enough to cope with it, then you may be able to maintain your mental clarity. 

Take away 

Mental alertness is how we stay alert throughout the day and helps exercise cognitive functions as we age. It is related to reasoning, capability, awareness, perception, and also imagination and also holds the ability to notice changes in the body’s system. 

So this is a guide for you when you fall weak and you feel you are not able to push yourself ahead mentally. Follow the methods and become the best version of yourself. 

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